Very Green Water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Very Green Water

Postby rpmnhjm » Fri 22 Jul, 2011 17:04

Hello...newbie here.

My grandma is 79 and been taking care of her pool for 25 plus years on her own. This year we have an issue that we can not tackle. She has always went on the advice of our local small town pool guy (only one within an hour of us). After watching her dump money after money into the pool. I decided to look for the answers on the web and found your site and I'm curious if you can help. We did take her water in today and paid a crazy fee of $10 bucks to get it tested. Here are the results.

Free chlorine .6
total chlorine 1.2
combined .6
total Alkalinity he said was too high for his machine to read and it reads up to 250
ph .8
copper and iron 0
cyanuric Acid 39

His computer said for us to add 55.75 lbs of PH Minus to be added daily in increments of 3.75 lbs. and to shock the pool with 2lbs of turbo shock for the combined chlorine level.

she has an above ground 28 round 18,000 gallons.

I have read ppl using chlorine and borax can you please help with the algea and explain what chlorine and borax do for the pool.

your help is much appreciated.

chem geek
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Very Green Water

Postby chem geek » Sat 23 Jul, 2011 01:29

Read the Pool School especially the articles on Defeating Algae and Shock Your Pool.
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Very Green Water

Postby cpo2go » Mon 25 Jul, 2011 14:14

Im not sure what issue it is that you have that you are unable to tackle. I agree with the stores recommendations, more or less, based on those numbers. Here is what I get:
1.8 qt of Muriatic acid (31.4%)
193 fl oz of liquid chlorine (12%) OR 37.8 oz of granular chlorine OR 27 oz of tricolor (3" tabs)

It's a start. The alkalinity is extremely high and, it's true, that you can not get an accurate reading when it's that high. Continue to bring it down until it's in the range of 100-150.
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