Help with pool water

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Help with pool water

Postby budgieholick » Sat 23 Jul, 2011 15:05

ok so last week we set up our new pool it is a 15 X 4 round pool holding 4,440 gallons of water.
we used our hose to fill the pool the water comes from a well. took 3 days to fill the pool
anyways last night I shocked the clear water pool & 30 minutes later placed a chlorine tab in the skimmer & ran the filter for the night. when I wake up today what do I find but my clear water is now a light greenish :thumbdown: I put some pool clairfire into the water & let it filter through for 8 hrs. I also put in some metal cleaner seeing as I used well water so how am I doing how long should I wait before doing anything else thanks for all help


Help with pool water

Postby silly » Mon 01 Aug, 2011 20:33

Well water is a tricky predicament as it can often bring copper or iron into the pool. Green is sometimes caused by copper, however you need to get your water tested by your local pool store or at least, get the readings off a strip testing, FC, TC, ph, calc, alk, and cyanuric before i read the remainder of your test.

Water clarifier will not solve a light green color. Green is a result of either algae or a chemical imbalance ( particularly related to alkalinity) or sometimes metal. Considering you added a metal control (assuming you added the appropriate amount for the time period dictated) it's either algae or and imbalance. Again. what are the readings on your water?

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