Pool wall repair

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Pool wall repair

Postby Guest » Sun 24 Jul, 2011 09:15

Hello all,

I hope that somebody here in the forums will be able to answer this question. I have a above ground pool that the bottom of the pool wall is rotting out. I was wondering if anybody has had this problem and how they fixed it. I was thinking of pulling back the liner and running a 24 inch wide piece of 25 gauge aluminum in the track at the bottom of the pool. Does anybody think this would work or do you think the 25 gauge aluminum would not hold up. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kevin

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Pool wall repair

Postby andrrewdamien » Thu 14 Jun, 2012 14:19

There are so many things which are used to repair pool walls. It is important is to sand off the corrosion and then paint it with a corrosion conquering for beginners followed by a solution based topcoat.
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