Sodium Bicarb not dissolving

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Sodium Bicarb not dissolving

Postby Guest » Wed 21 Jun, 2006 11:04

On testing my water this weekend, I found that the total alkalinity was only 50ppm. Using this website's calculator, I found that I needed to add 500 g of Sodium Bicarb to bring the level up to 80ppm

I decided to add 150 g in the first of a couple of increases. Here's my problem: The Bicarb hasn't dissolved into the water, it just stayed in suspension, creating a cloudy pool. After running the filter for 48 hours continuously, I gave up and shut it off. I then let the pool stand for 48 hours. The bicarb settled to the bottom of the pool and the water was clear; however, I can't get rid of it.


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Sodium Bicarb

Postby PoolGuy » Thu 06 Jul, 2006 16:28

Sodium Bicarb needs to be diluted in water be for you add it to your simmer. pour it in slowly,wait than pour more in till it is all gone,do not add start to your water in the pool,it needs moving water to work right.
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