Im done with Salt now what. Help

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Im done with Salt now what. Help

Postby dmc123 » Mon 25 Jul, 2011 17:35

The salt is creating a mess of my decking and pretty much everthing else it touches. I want to take it back to a chlorine pool. Is draining the only way?? Is there something that will consume or take the salt out of solution. What if I ran rthe salt cell and 100 for a few days. ??? I dont want to trash 17000 of otherwise good water

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Im done with Salt now what. Help

Postby cpo2go » Tue 02 Aug, 2011 17:18

One of the most repeated sayings in our industry is "Dilution is the solution to the pollution." Unfortunately, the salt needs to be drained with the water. You don't need to drain it all, however. What is the salinity of your water? You may want to leave it at around 2000ppm. You can probably get away with draining just under half of the water.

There are also good deck coatings that might solve your problem better. Deck-O-Seal makes one that I have used successfully. It is very easy to apply and work with but I recommend re-sealing every 12-18 months.
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