Too much pump?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 15x30 above ground, hydromatic 120 sq ft cartridge filter, 1 1/2 hp pump

Too much pump?

Postby jambrous » Tue 02 Aug, 2011 10:27

This pool is 3 years old. 15x30 above ground, 54 inch water depth, 1 1/2hp pump. Ever since day 1, when I would vacuum the pool dirt would recirculate into the pool. I had a sand filter with zeo media. Troubleshooting this problem, I replaced laterals, standpipe, multiport valve and o ring. I still had same problem. So, I replaced the sand filter with a cartridge filter. I still have the same problem. So I am wondering if 1 1/2 hp pump is too much for this pool. The way I figure, I have 10,620 gallons of water, and the 8 hr turnover calculates to like 23 GPM. Would a 1 hp pump be enough for this pool? I am thinking I'm forcing too much water pressure through these filters causing whatever I vacuum to be returned into the pool. What say you?

Cable Guy II

Too much pump?

Postby Cable Guy II » Tue 02 Aug, 2011 22:24

1.5 HP is way too much, even 1 HP is too much. 1/2 HP, or less, would be much better. Ideally, you want 0.375 to 0.75 gpm per square foot of filtration area (see filter label).

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