Deck Stone is flaking and spalling

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Deck Stone is flaking and spalling

Postby dmc123 » Wed 03 Aug, 2011 17:05

I just bought a house with a 17000 gal pool that was recently converted to salt water a few years back. I dont think the pool was getting much use before I bought it. Recently, I started noticing the Azirona flagstone deck and sandstone coping is flaking and chalking especially in the areas of traffic. I've read that salt is harsh but I dont know for sure if its causing the problem. I have a delema. I like the salt water but I dont want to loose the deck stone. I would like to try and treat the stone for a season and see what happens.
There are many products. penetrating / densifiers and coatings / sealers. None are that cheap
Does anyone know what I should try ?????? Anyone have good results with a particular brand?

I dont want to seal the stone and later find out I needed to densify.

Jack Robinson

Deck Stone is flaking and spalling

Postby Jack Robinson » Sat 30 Jun, 2012 13:40

I know it has been a year since your question about a sandstone deck around a salt water pool, but I have the exact same problem. I am wondering if you ever came up with a solution. Is the salt water contributing to the problem of flaking? My pool is seven years old. The sandstone boarders the pool, and it has been in heavy use. Many of the pavers have flaked significantly, 1/4 of an inch, and continue to flake big time. I am researching whether a sealer will slow the process. I am looking at Glaze & Sean Concrete & Lacquer Sealer. I am concerned the sealer will leave a slippery surface on the stone around the pool.

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