Help with pool closing

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Help with pool closing

Postby marcotke » Thu 04 Aug, 2011 17:03

Hi there! This is my first year working for a community with a pool. I know the basics about pool chemicals from my lifeguarding days, but I have zero experience closing a pool. So, I have hired a company to come close my pools this year. We currently use a mesh cover during the winter, but they have suggested that I get an "under cover" to help keep the pool clear come spring. I have tried to do some research on this to see exactly what it is and to compare prices that they have quoted me. Does anyone know anything about "under covers" and where I can find more info on them? Thanks in advance!

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Help with pool closing

Postby jenniferhoops » Wed 17 Aug, 2011 00:16

Hello marcotke, I have not experience about Under Cover. But i want to know basic info about pool because i have an indoor pool and its maintain is too costly. :)
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