Cost of extras in New Inground Gunite pool

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Cost of extras in New Inground Gunite pool

Postby mmctracey » Thu 11 Aug, 2011 10:12

Can anyone please tell me what the cost should be for the following items added as extras to a new gunite pool construction? Just want to make sure the price is right....once you sign a contract adding the extras down the road can get very expensive :)

1) Water Leveler

2) Jandy Wireless Remote system with 8 functions

3) Adding additional returns

4) Cost for adding Diamond Brite Plaster per sft - Midnight Blue
Thanks so much

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Cost of extras in New Inground Gunite pool

Postby czechmate » Fri 12 Aug, 2011 09:05

These cost are a big vartiable from state to state. California will be much higher than Texas or Oklahoma. You pretty much have to do the homework and call around.
The Diamondbrite is a great choice, specially in the new gunite pool.
The only thing I would suggest, is to do the acid wash yourself. I found out that most contractors recommend the solution to sit in the pool few days too long. The result than is more color exposed at the cost of much coarser surface.
I did mine for only 4 days and it was plenty.
It is done AFTER the pool is filled by adding about 7 gallons of muriatic acid to 20-23.000gal water volume. It is called WET ACID WASH and is used to remove a residue film of plaster milk and to expose the quartz stone. It also helps later to to minimize use of acid to counter this residue while trying to keep PH in check.
While it is not recommended to run pump with this high acid level I did risk it to make sure it wahed evenly and did not settle in the bottom. It did not hurt the pump assembly and possibly sped up the wash process. Do not was too much! It will wear of nicely in next 3-5 years anyway!
Oh yes, one more tip!
To neutralize the acid after 4 days, use BORAX instead of Baking soda. (Buy it in Walmart).
It will add valuable borates to the water that will stay there for several years. You will love the soft water, color and shimmer. It also helps ward off the algae to certain degree and protects the PH from bounce.
That is my 2 cents of experience.
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I'm new here
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Cost of extras in New Inground Gunite pool

Postby petronavin » Sat 18 Feb, 2012 15:08

yeah i am also decorate and set some security stuff in my pool i really suggest this site . really good price...:)

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