Intex CS15110 Combo System, service Light

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Intex CS15110 Combo System, service Light

Postby jweigh » Thu 11 Aug, 2011 13:12

I know this problem has been discussed about the 8110 SWG, but I have the combo unit model CS 15110.
The problem is the same - the system starts and runs for about 1-2 mins. and then shuts down. The fan keeps running audibly and the Service light comes on. This started after an electrical storm passed through. The house or system was NOT hit but the power did go off and then back on after about 2 mins.(heard later a transformer about 3 miles away got hit) the system was not on but still plugged in.. the next day is when this condition was noticed. Intex said no warranty (only 3 mos. old) and I would have to purchase a complete system as the pump/controller were not sold separately. $409. :thumbdown:
My question is: Are the guts in this unit the same as the controller in the 8110 or different. If different can anyone tell me how to work around this. I have looked at the guts I could see with the upper cover removed and found no evidence of any viable damage, I checked the parts that looked like fuses(3) and all showed continuity. :arrow: Sorry this is so long winded but I thought the more I stated the better.
Any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated, Thank you,

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