Heavy rains & rising water level!

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Heavy rains & rising water level!

Postby mikeyh » Sun 14 Aug, 2011 16:41

it's been raining heavily here for a couple of days and my pool water level is rising dangerously close to the lip. is this normal? how do i proactively reduce the water level?

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Heavy rains & rising water level!

Postby czechmate » Mon 15 Aug, 2011 13:21

For me it usually provides free water to backwash with and a chance to dilute a little the levels of CYA and CH at the same time. Rain water is always softer than tap, even though it puts in some undesirables in, that we may have to treat.
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I'm new here
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Heavy rains & rising water level!

Postby poorpoolguy » Tue 13 Sep, 2011 14:41

get your pool enclosed, so the rain and snow will never go into your pool again.

check it

Heavy rains & rising water level!

Postby Algae-Slayer » Mon 19 Sep, 2011 23:45

Most pools have a hose bib attached after the pump if you have one attach a hose to it run the fp pump and run it into drainage. Not all pools have a backwash and the manuals will recommend you to backwash every 3 months but if you break down and clean the filter every 6 months you will save the life span of your grids. If you dont have a hose bib after the pump than you can try syphoning with a hose.

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