Rising Pump Pressure

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Rising Pump Pressure

Postby kennyholubec » Wed 17 Aug, 2011 10:31

I have noticed that I am slowly gaining pump pressure after every time I backwash my pool after I vacuum. I replaced the pressure gauge a few months ago and noticed normal operating pressure ~10 psi. Now it is up to ~15 psi. Lately, every time I backwash and put back on filter I seem to gain 1 psi on the filter setting. When I recirculate w/o the filter it is 10-12 psi, but cannot remember what it was a few months back when I replaced the pressure gauge. Hopefully it will stay around 13-15 psi and I am concerned about nothing; is that too high of a return pressure. Is 15 psi an acceptable range for a Hayward Super II pump? I'm fairly new to pool self-maintenance and do not want to burn my pump up. The return distance may be 30-40 ft.

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Rising Pump Pressure

Postby mas985 » Sat 20 Aug, 2011 17:44

Normal pressure is dependent on many different factors but what your seeing is not abnormal. You may be fighting an algae bloom which can raise the filter pressure very quickly.
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