Adding pre-dissolved cal-hypo clouds water

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Adding pre-dissolved cal-hypo clouds water

Postby Henry_R » Thu 18 Aug, 2011 17:51

Problem: Cloudy water from Cal-hypo 73% added after pre-dissolving in a bucket and the water is cloudy 16 hours later. Water was crystal-clear blue beforehand, this was a normal maintenance dose of chlorine. This was added around midnight last night.

FC: 2
TC: 2
pH: 7.6
TA: 120
CH: 250
CYA: 80

This is a community association pool details in my profile on right. We're taking care of it ourselves for the foreseeable future due to multiple problems with the last pool service we had (algea blooms and no return phone calls) and diffculties finding a company who will even return a phone call since it's mid-summer in a chronic heat wave here in Houston.

Last Saturday the pool was partly drained and refilled due to high CH >500 and CYA ranging from 100 to 150 on several tests. On my advice some 10% chlorine was purchased and used instead of the cal-hypo 73% which was used previously. The result was a sparklingly blue pool for three days until late last night.

After much lobbying I managed to convince those incharge to buy a TF100 kit which will arrive sometime next week. For now we have to continue to rely on pool store tests. The lady who did the latest test is at least competent in what she's doing.

At the pool store yesterday we had the water tested with the above results. Seeing we needed to add chlorine it was decided to use the remains of the cal-hypo this time. The Pool Calculator with the parameters set showed we needed 23oz or 1lb and 7 oz of cal-hypo 73% to go from FC of 2 to FC of 8 with the range of 6-11 based on CYA=80

We dissolved it in a bucket of water and broadcast it in the pool deep end. Ran the pump until about 4 am at which time the manager shut it off. At 9am the pool was still milky-cloudy. This afternoon 5pm it's still cloudy with the pump having come on via timer about 8am. The manager added a clarifier to the pool but is now angry at me because I dissolved the powder in a bucket when she wanted to just broadcast over top.

So I ask you what is the reason for the cloudyness? Should we have NOT dissolved it in a bucket or is the pump being off more of the issue or...? I'm now under the impression that I've done something wrong by predissolving the stuff, but this is how I've always put powdered shock in the pool. So am I wrong?

Or should the pump have run continuously vs being turned off? I always thought we were told to run the pump continuously when we added powdered shock (we've been through taking care of the pool before).

Is this just the chlorine working or perhaps just calcium in the water from the calchypo? We're need the last 25% of the bucket I'd say perhaps a little more. Does calcium settle in cal-hypo such that more is put in the last doses?

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