Pool from hell plumbing

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Pool from hell plumbing

Postby TJ » Fri 19 Aug, 2011 17:59

We are having a 16x32 inground pool installed. 1hp motor - 1 1/2 inch pipe
Company has had many problems and redos - now they just tested the pump today and water flow was reversed - i.e. skimmer was blowing instead of sucking.
They said it was an easy fix and rerouted plumbing in the ground by the filter - it now looks like spagetti with all the elbows/ does this affect the water flow or efficiency of the pool or life of the pump-motor?
I'm about ready to throw them all off my yard...

TSH Tech

Pool from hell plumbing

Postby TSH Tech » Fri 19 Aug, 2011 18:17

The first item of note is the 1hp pump with 1 1/2 inch pipe, that powerful of a pump is recommended for 2 inch pipe all the way through, no reducers smaller than 2 inch. It is possible to downsize the pump impeller to a 3/4 hp impeller to match the 1 1/2 inch pipe, if that is truly the original pipe size coming out of the ground.
The second item is yes, many or excessive 90 degree elbows plumbed in your pool do impact the flow rate of your pool by causing unnecessary flow restriction and back-pressure causing a certain amount of stress on the filter and pump. Including slower filtration flow.

I can't comment on the quality of questionability of the guys you hired to do the job, but I will say, if your gut feeling is these guys aren't doing it right, then your gut feeling is correct. Spaghetti plumbing just does not sound assuring!

Pool from hell plumbing

Postby Jose » Fri 19 Aug, 2011 19:42

T Tech - Thanks for your post - they are removing the Spaghetti - its looking better but definitely 1 1/2 inch pvc- it is too late to upsize but i will ask about proper motor size for the plumbing.
TSH Tech

Pool from hell plumbing

Postby TSH Tech » Sat 20 Aug, 2011 01:28

If the pipe is coming out of the ground 1 1/2 inch, then it's safe to assume it's the same size all the way to the pool. Making it 2" at the pump and filter will not change anything. The water still has to squeeze back into the small pipe for the pool return lines.
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Pool from hell plumbing

Postby mas985 » Sat 20 Aug, 2011 17:35

If there are multiple 1 1/2" runs, (i.e. separate runs for each skimmer/main drain) then that would be the equivalent of 2" or better.

If there are only single runs of 1 1/2", then really the only downside is energy efficiency. The 1 HP will work fine with smaller plumbing but it just won't be as efficient as it could be.
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