New De Grids - Same Starting Pressure!

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New De Grids - Same Starting Pressure!

Postby tdfuller » Thu 15 Sep, 2011 21:03

Just installed all brand new 7 full and 1 half DE grids. They replace the original grids that were 7 years old. Several had broken tips that went in to the manifold, and, one or two had damaged plastic grids. But, the PSI starting pressure is the exact same, about 9 PSI, as the old! Years ago, when my DE filter was new, my starting PSI was barely above 0, about 1 PSI. I was expected brand new grids to drop me back close to 1 PSI for starting pressure.

I don't seem to have a blockage or a leak. Anybody have any ideas?


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New De Grids - Same Starting Pressure!

Postby mas985 » Fri 16 Sep, 2011 16:35

Sounds like your original PSI measurement is incorrect. Either a bad gauge or you had a blockage of some sort. The filter pressure should be well above 0 PSI when running a pump on full speed. Lower speeds, that may be possible but for any pump on high, 9 PSI or above would be normal.
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