Keeping leaves and worms out of pool in winter

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Keeping leaves and worms out of pool in winter

Postby Suespool » Thu 22 Sep, 2011 08:51

Hi All,

I have an 18 X 40 inground pool with an EcoSmart system. I use a safety cover during the winter which we just closed yesterday (Upstate NY).

Every year when I open the pool I am always surprised that so many leaves and worms get past the safety cover and into the pool. My thought is that if I can somehow eliminate the leaves and worms that opening would be so much easier.

I had the idea to put water bags (10 foot sections) around the perimeter of the pool over the safety cover to try and eliminate the leaves and worms.

Has anyone ever tried this??? Seems logical to me.


TSH Tech

Keeping leaves and worms out of pool in winter

Postby TSH Tech » Sat 24 Sep, 2011 18:59

It wouldn't hurt to try, worms don't squirm where they can't squeeze under(ie: water bags) And it would take massive hurricane winds to brush leaves under the weight of a water bag :wink:

In my experience, pools that have vegetation, trees cut down and away from the pool, as well as wide concrete deck tend to have less problems with leaves and worms than pools with vegetation planted up close along side the pool.

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