Saftey Cover selection

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My Pool: 18 x 36 center step 4 ft corner radius.
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Saftey Cover selection

Postby darrendavis » Fri 23 Sep, 2011 22:19

I have a 18 x 36 with 4 ft corner radius. We are looking to buy a solid saftey cover. Why can I not use a standard cover? Everthing I read say I need a custom cover for the 4ft corner radius but does not say why. Thanks

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Saftey Cover selection

Postby rickthespaguy » Thu 10 Nov, 2011 16:07

OK well the rule goes like this, there are standard sizes available from all manufactuers for a cheaper price point since they are pre made and ready to go, that said anything out of the ordinary will change that and mandate that a custom cover be made. With what you describe as the 4 foot radius corners makes your pool not STANDARD. The standard cover will not properly cover the pool with all set back requirements met, and this would VOID the warranty on the cover from day one. All safety covers must have a set back of about 18 inches from the coping edge to where the edge of the new cover ends up then you have the straps and the anchors drilled into the deck, if this is not constant then the manufacturer feels the cover will wear out prematurly and they will not warranty the cover. If padding can be added to the corners then this is a possibility, I would contact the manufacturer for complete details. 1-800-Loc-Loop is a good place to start. Hope this helped. :D

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