draining the pool / adding new water

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draining the pool / adding new water

Postby bilmo2005 » Sat 04 Jun, 2005 16:05

My pool Man recommended I do this. It is my perhaps superstitious belief
that his prognosis is erroneous.

The problem : odd and widely varying readings on my testing equipment. solution? I THOUGHT buying some new testing equipment to be a good Idea and also too a sample of water to the man.

His equipment also did not apparently find an accurate reading. To me, this is very odd. But then, I'm neither a chemist or a poolman.

I am likely to be the one is is wrong here. But has anyone else ever had the expert pool guy tell you to drain your pool and put in new water?

It's not like that's a big deal. I just don't necessarily believe that to be the solution on merely his word.

I need a second opinion :)




Postby Guest » Wed 06 Jul, 2005 12:57

Your Stabilizer level is too high. Nobody wants to tell you this, can only be lowered by changing at least half the water.

tds too high

Postby wheelyjon » Sat 13 Aug, 2005 10:59

each time you add chemicals to your pool you increase the buildup of disolved solids in the water. v If the Total Dissolved Solids (tds) tgets too high, the other parameters get difficult to control and may swing about. removing some of the water is the only way to remedy the situation :)
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Postby vaughanwilliams » Sat 13 Aug, 2005 12:13

Stabiliser is a bitch! If you have over 100ppm of Cyanuric acid present you could easily drain half your pool and top it up with fresh water and start again.

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