Crack in fiberglass lined concrete pool

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Crack in fiberglass lined concrete pool

Postby kiwipool » Mon 02 Jan, 2012 16:57

OK so you are looking for a straight Answer.

Let me try! From what you tell me is you may have a possibly have a perfect Concrete Shell under a layer of Fibre Glass that was applied.

And when it rains the water level in the pool rises it gets in behind the liner under the top.

Suggest you do not even repair the Fibre Glass but rip it out and find out the construction method used to build the pool (Maybe the local Council can help if it was built wit a permit.) then maybe you re Plaster or re Fiber Glass Dont attempt a Repair. And most important f you re F/Glass make sure you have a overflow point to stop the water level from going over the top and back behind the liner, even a drain hole in the bottom of the shell will help.
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