Solar heater sizing

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Solar heater sizing

Postby gary65536 » Sat 08 Oct, 2011 14:02

Hi all

I'm considering adding some solar heating panels to help reduce the amount of heating needed by my gas heater. I understand that its best to have a solar panel surface area to match 50-100% of the pool surface area. However, I only have room to place panels to match 33% of the pool surface area. Mounting on the roof does not seem an option as it is not strong enough to handle the weight.

My question is, would installing solar panels to match 33% of the pool surface provide some heating benefit? For example, would the panels provide 33% as much heating than if I were able to have 100% coverage.


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Solar heater sizing

Postby mas985 » Sat 08 Oct, 2011 17:15

gary65536 wrote:Mounting on the roof does not seem an option as it is not strong enough to handle the weight.

Solar panels filled with water do add much of a load to the roof since it is distributed over a fairly large area. The roofing material weights much more per sq-ft than a filled solar panel. Is this roof over a home or other structure?

Every sq-ft of panels makes a difference. 100% will heat twice as fast as 50% and 33% will have 1/3 of the temperature rise as a 100% per day. It is all proportional to the size of the panels. With fewer panels, the key is to use a solar cover so the heat you do gain will not be lost overnight and can build up over several days.
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Solar heater sizing

Postby dabbstaylor » Mon 05 Mar, 2012 23:05

Hello, I have no any idea about solar heater sizing. Please anyone here can update me.
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Solar heater sizing

Postby emileyair » Fri 01 Jun, 2012 02:29

i also want to know about the idea of solar water heating its exciting!

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