Sand in the pool

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Sand in the pool

Postby Don » Thu 22 Jun, 2006 07:04

I seem to be having a "sand n the pool problem". My pool-bot as we call it vacuums about a half-cup of sand over a 2-week period. And, occassionaly I notice sand deposits (1-2 oz) at each of the 6 supply side inlets in the bottom of the pool. The sand deposits aren't left all of the time though one day they're there then gone for 2-3 weeks then back.
The pool, sand filter, etc. are about 8 years old. To my knowledge the sand in the filter has never been changed. I recently changed the circulation pump and last year installed a new booster pump for the pool-bot (Legend).
Does the problem appear to be a leaking/broken internal sand filter pipe?


Sand in the Swimming Pool

Postby Guest » Sun 02 Jul, 2006 13:51


Had the same problem recently and discovered that the internal pipe and laterals were cracked in the sand filter. I ordered a new pipe and laterals from International Pools for about 50.00 and it seems to have fixed the problem.


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