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Ultima 30 Premium Pool Liner

Postby hstewart » Mon 17 Oct, 2011 21:33

Our Pool was installed in July of 2007 and in the process of closing our pool we noticed the ground was wet on one side of the pool. Upon inspection we found 3 pin holes. The location of these pin holes was on the concave section where the bottom transitions into the wall. We decided at this point to not close the pool for a couple of days to make sure we had addressed all issues. Well today we got back in the pool because the ground is still wet and we have found 100+ small pin holes in the same location around half of the pool. The pool is a 24' Vicksburg. What can cause this issue? When you run your hand along the wall it feels as if it is rough as if it is rusted. Can this be caused by a weak or faulty liner? How do you find out what caused this if the business where you purchased the pool will not help? We love our pool and this is just hear breaking.

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