Adding a secondary pool pump

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Adding a secondary pool pump

Postby OCWingNut » Sun 23 Oct, 2011 17:12

I have a 30,000 gal pool and spa. My pump is 220v 2.0HP, which I like when running the spa (it's all connected). After deciding that going solar and off the grid with this pump isn't real logical, or at least is seems illogical.

I'd like to add a smaller secondary pump with a bypass, so that daily filtering can be done off grid with PV panels, and then I have the option of switching the valve and flipping the breaker to go with the larger pump for a good weekly cleaning and for the spa. So, I'd like to add a 1HP pump/ 115v so that a few panels can run it while the sun is out.

I can use any advice on going solar with the pump, but my main question for you guys is "Will a 1HP pump running throughout the day be adequate for general pool filtering? I would still be using the pools filter, which is the hayward super star (4 cartridges).

ANY THOUGHTS AND ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. I need to get it off the grid for the most part if possible.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Adding a secondary pool pump

Postby petronavin » Mon 20 Feb, 2012 05:43

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