Pump running backwards

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pump running backwards

Postby CrazyTalk » Mon 24 Oct, 2011 10:52

I currently work with a pool guy and we came across something he has never seen before, a pump just started running backwards. We took it apart and the impeller was spinning the wrong way. The owner said just replace the motor. The new motor worked fine for about two months then started going backwards like the old one. Has anyone encountered this before or have any idea what's going on? Thanks.

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Pump running backwards

Postby allclearpools » Tue 29 Nov, 2011 16:52

What kind of electrical are you working with? If it is a 3 phase motor then it can be wired incorrectly and then it will run backwards or If there is trapped air in the system it can reverse when the pump turns off. This however will break the impeller if you turn the pump while it is spinning backwards.
TSH Tech

Pump running backwards

Postby TSH Tech » Tue 29 Nov, 2011 21:58

A bad/defective/dying capacitor will on occasion make an electric motor spin in reverse as well. This is assuming the motor is wired correctly.

Pump running backwards

Postby guest » Sun 06 Jan, 2013 16:46

I agree that a dud capcitor can do this. My start capacitor is stuffed so the pump won't start. This morning I tried it and it went backwards and threw off the impellor. I have been starting it with a screwdriver in the groove at the rear of the spindle so I can give it a quick twist. This morning before I twisted it it took off in the wrong direction! I have a new capacitor arriving today or tomorrow which should fix things.

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