New in ground pool being built

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New in ground pool being built

Postby bszaronos » Sat 29 Oct, 2011 10:42

Hello all,

We are having an in ground pool being built. They have just finished digging and there was some water seeping in from the deep end. And of course it is raining today as well. The deep end is filling up pretty good with water.

Should I pump out the water or just let the pool builders take care of it.


New in ground pool being built

Postby bszaronos » Sat 29 Oct, 2011 17:12

Also the sides are collapsing, the dirt is falling into the deep end of the pool. They had the outline made in wood strips and put in the ground by metal rods. Well the dirt has collapsed and now the rods are not in the dirt and the outline is pulled.

I know they will fix it, but this is my first inground pool and I am freaking out about everything. Some one please comment.

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New in ground pool being built

Postby czechmate » Sun 30 Oct, 2011 07:56

Unless you contracted each trade separately, the pool contractor/general contractor is responsible for each phase of the construction.
You as a costumer have right to stop and terminate the construction any time it is handled in the manner that would affect the structural integrity of the finished product.
I wanted to stress this fact up front, since pool "lifetime warranty" is practically non existent phenomenon.
And that is even if your pool company is still in business.
Too many variables surround the structural soundness of pool in the longterm, for a pool owner to have a chance to prove structural deficiency and make the contractor liable.
Even in a rare case that you win, it is a far cry from "having your car fixed while you driving a loaner".

Inground pool is an investment that suppose to provide you with years of service, pleasure and fun for a calculated normal service cost.
Not to be a source of disapointment, frustration and a money pit.
1. Never admit or act, like you are not familiar with the correct procedure.
2. Get independent contractor to evaluate the situation immediately, since time is of essence.
3. Have someone at the site every time any work is done and documenting each process with pictures.
4. Make sure that the steel is free of mud and properly supported of the bottoms and walls (brick that is removed as application of gunite progresses) to assure integrity of the gunite shell.
(Have extra 5/8" steel laid on the bottom and rebar/dollies 3/8" into the cooldeck from the beam every 24".
It cost peanuts and you will be glad you did it). Walls 6" concrete, bottom 12" concrete.
5. On the plaster is pretty important to wait for a day with a minimum breeze.
Otherwise you will end up with burnt plaster, dark smudges and trowel marks that are not fixable!

There is a whole slue of things to watch for, that you actually paying for allready.
It is the job of the overseeing foreman or superintendent, but seems like he does not care too much in your case.
Any more questions, just ask!

Good luck !

New in ground pool being built

Postby Guest » Mon 31 Oct, 2011 15:21

I did talk to the pool contractor.

He said that I could pump out the water if I wanted to, if not they would do it. It would help if I did it so it would dry out quicker.

He also said that the walls caving in are normal, they will dig out the fallen dirt and fix everything.

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