Problem With Pumping Water Out Of Pool

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Problem With Pumping Water Out Of Pool

Postby Guest » Wed 02 Nov, 2011 13:33

As part of closing, I'm trying to lower the water level in my above-ground pool. My normal procedure, executed successfully for the last 12 years, is to attach a hose to the pump intake at the skimmer, weight the other end of the hose so it stays on the bottom, switch the valve to "Waste" and run the pump until the water is at the right height for winter.

This year, the procedure ran fine for about an hour, lowering the water level a few inches below the skimmer and inflow levels, but then, pump still running but no more water flowing. (It may have been a gradual slowdown; I wasn't watching closely.) There was no water in the hose at the pump end and the pump was dry.

The problem is not clogs in the hose. I have tried the hose from both ends, can run water from the garden tap through it easily, and even replaced it with another hose just to be sure. I've cleaned the pump trap and have been vary careful to prime the pump and fill the hose with water to achieve good suction. When I turn the pump on, there is a sudden "whoosh" of water out of the hose and out to the waste (so the pump appears to have good suction), but after about 10 seconds the flow stops leaving the hose (at the end above water near the pump) and pump dry. By comparison, if I prime the pump and fill the hose with water and open the waste valve, this time with the pump off, the water runs slowly out the waste valve for about a minute. This again seems to say that the pump has good suction.

Any ideas? The pump is 12 years old. Is it possible that an old pump could run for a few seconds with good suction but then lose it? I've watched carefully to make sure the that the hose attachment to the pump (at the skimmer) is tight.


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Problem With Pumping Water Out Of Pool

Postby rickthespaguy » Thu 10 Nov, 2011 16:45


I would look into the pump lid, as this can have small cracks and can draw in air which will cause the pump to loose prime. Check that the hose is secure to the front of the pump, maybe put a clamp on the hose for a tighter fit. Is the pump lid o-ring worn out? Check these items. Last resort is just let it syphon out to the level you want if that is possible for you. :D

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