Maintainenace Requirements

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Maintainenace Requirements

Postby SplashPro » Thu 03 Nov, 2011 06:38

Hi, I am a newbie at the forum and am looking forward to get some info on some of the questions I have and make some new friends in the process. I have wanted to get a swimming pool for quite a while but want to know what sort of maintenance is required for a pool and what sort of a running cost I shall be incurring? Also I would like to know what is the ideal size for a family of five.
Thanx in Advance!!!!

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Maintainenace Requirements

Postby rickthespaguy » Thu 10 Nov, 2011 15:57

First of all Welcome
:D ...A good size pool for your family would be a 15 x 30 inground pool and if you are looking inot above ground go with a 24 foot round or 16 x 32 oval. As for maintenance it is pretty easy, you will need to test the water weekly with a pool test kit. You will most likely add chlorine shock once a week and check the PH levels and the Alkalinity levels weekly. We can get into that a little more later on.
You can reasearch pool on the web to get a better idea on type, Vinyl liner, Fiberglass, or Concrete. I hope this helped you a little.

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