white foam on surface

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Foamy in NY

white foam on surface

Postby Foamy in NY » Sat 18 May, 2013 04:44

Have the same problem with the HTP product. Used 2 bottles from last year to open my pool and now it looks like a dirty bathtub. Sooooo annoying!


white foam on surface

Postby Guest » Sat 25 May, 2013 21:03

I had foam in my new saltwater pool only when my salt generator was on auto or on. If I turned my salt off but left my pump on there was no foam. After doing many hours of research I finally fixed my foam problem. Every pool place I called even the Hayward help line all told me the same thing. '' you must have a chemical imbalance''. My chems were a little off but nothing alarming. After finding this post online I realized that I had air getting into my system. It was hard for me to believe because why would I only get foam when my salt was generating chlorine and I did not see any leaks. The answer is because when air is mixed with water and chlorine it forms a white foam. To fix this problem you need to check your pump. If you see the water splashing around in your pump you have air getting in there. You should only see a few small air bubbles, that is considered normal. (you should not see water splashing around in your pump). Even if you don't see water leaking from the intake pipe that goes into your pump you still need to unscrew it. Turn your pump off and unscrew the connection and make sure the connection is clean, tighten everything up and turn your pump back on. Also, google how to check for air in your pool pump was very helpful. I hope this helps anyone having the same problem as me, as this was driving me crazy and I am glad it's fixed. My pool is crystal clear now and foam free.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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white foam on surface

Postby samlewis » Thu 29 Aug, 2013 03:00

I am going to instal Disabled baths in my new house. Aftter reading your post there are few queries get place in my mind and like to know the solution.
1. Is such foam also generate on the bathtubs? Or if yes what is the best solution for it that become cheap or time consuming.
2. Is there another option for comfort bath. Specially kids If yes share the bathtub images and name with their benefits.

white foam on surface

Postby BrianS » Mon 26 May, 2014 08:32

I opened my pool , shocked and algacided it a week ago. When I back washed it this weekend. I got that white foam. I had added a little more choline. I quickly removed the choline tablet I had put in the skimmer and this morning the foam is gone. I think over chorinating and air in the filter caused my problem. At least that's what I'm hoping

Re: white foam on surface

Postby Johan » Sat 24 Dec, 2016 00:26

:eh: foam in pool surface

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