Spilled diluted paint into pool

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Spilled diluted paint into pool

Postby adam » Mon 09 Jan, 2012 22:59

I need help. I was cleaning some paint brushes in a bucket and it fell in the pool. The paint was diluted but still has caused my pool to become cloudy. I cant drain and refill as we are on water restrictions. What can i do?


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Spilled diluted paint into pool

Postby czechmate » Thu 12 Jan, 2012 19:01

If you run a DE filter, I would try 3-4 days solid run, check for petroleum residue after. If it was a latex water based, DE should take it out. Brushing plaster is also important. Petroleum should evaporate by spring or early summer since it will be on top when the pump is of and sun will help it as well.

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