Do you know about freeform swimming pools?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Do you know about freeform swimming pools?

Postby markflink » Fri 13 Jan, 2012 02:27

Everyone wants a unique design, one of the famous design is freeform swimming pool :thumbup: . Freeform pools are not distinct by any shapes, lines, angles or specific forms but have haphazard shapes. While constructing a freeform swimming pool one should restrict one self with specific designs and should not over-do with curves. Taking proper guidance from freeform swimming pool contractors would be an intelligent rung.

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Do you know about freeform swimming pools?

Postby czechmate » Sat 14 Jan, 2012 11:18

Freeform is a nice idea when conforming to your available space. One needs to be aware of the existing ground ability to support such structure.
Remember that you will have a shell which will press unevenly into the media it sits on.
In the sand, sandloam or a rock it may not present much problem.
In the clay, specially in the typical Texas gumbo, deep will settle in different rate than the shallow.
Which is not that bad, if the pool is oval or a pear shape.
If you build a L shaped pool in this type of soil you have 50/50 chance that it will crack in the place wher tension due to very uneven weight of the load.
(You can drip irrigate the house foundation, but this is happening 8 feet deeper!)
I have seen a few freeform pools cracked in the middle and it presents a big problem.
Repair of this type is costly and warranty pretty much nonexistent.
If I was forced due to the space available, I would only build for the same depth across the whole shell to minimize the variation of settlement.
One more advice: Use a 6x6 tile that will not show how much the opposite end setles. It will hardly show even a 1" difference.
I have a pear shaped pool in Texas and deep settled almost an inch in first five years.
Recently, (after 25 years) I have replastered and used 6x6 tile with only 2 matching engraved tiles at waterline to show water loss or gain after rain. One above the pool light in deep and one on opposite side.

All about Swimming Pool Liners

Postby ch » Tue 20 Mar, 2012 13:23

A pool liner plays one of the most important roles in the maintenance of a swimming pool. A pool liner and to protect the structure of the pool from leakage and damage and also provides a smooth surface for the swimmer. It is important to select the correct pool liner and therefore you need to consider the overall appearance of your pool and the pool liner's durability. There are many types of pool liners that are available for swimming pools. Pools that are above ground pools usually need a lining that is made of vinyl which provides some of the structural integrity of the swimming pool. Usually, these are available in beaded or overlap styles. The overlap style of liner needs copings to hold it in place. In ground swimming pools are primarily available in fiberglass and the fiberglass shell acts is the swimming pools liner. However, a gunite in ground pool is made from a concrete form that is covered with a plaster lining. In ground swimming pools may also be lined with vinyl. These types of liners have a maintenance requirement that is higher than the other types.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Do you know about freeform swimming pools?

Postby edwarddb » Thu 05 Apr, 2012 00:57

Freeform swimming pools have been popular in Phoenix, and I am not surprised why. In my opinion, this is one form of swimming pool that would make you feel more close to nature--with rock features and trees that would surely imitate paradise.

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