Pentair Mastertemp 250 turns on automatically

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Pentair Mastertemp 250 turns on automatically

Postby Jalk65 » Fri 10 Feb, 2012 12:23

I have a Pentair Mastertemp 250 pool heater. It was installed about 3 years ago and there haven't been any problems. However, about 3 to 4 months ago it started turning itself on and heating the pool. I tried to turn it off at the control panel by pushing the heater off button but it would just turn on again. I tried turning it off via my control panel for the entire pump/filter/heater system and it will turn back on. When it is on the number on the control panel, for the heater, will read 269. If I hold the heater off button for more than 5 seconds I will get the read out "Ad0, SF1, 888, r=8" Any ideas what is going on? Some times the service heater button will come on and then go off. Other times it doesn't go off and looks normal. The main issue is it just keeps turning itself on. Thanks for reading this.

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