Acid wash and the new finish

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pool panic

Acid wash and the new finish

Postby pool panic » Thu 22 Jun, 2006 22:03

Help!! I just completed a costly pool remodel. Well into the project it was clear that the contractor had way too many other jobs. The clincher came at startup which they forgot to do and I ended up with plaster dust everywhere. They then wanted to acid wash it but I've been told that that reduces the life of the pool. The contractor counters with no--not when it's done right and especially since you have the 3M quartz plaster. I agreed to drain the pool for the acid wash, because they finally convinced me that an acid wash to a drained pool would be less damaging. Instead they poured acid in the pool while filled. It's been four days, I can scrape plaster off with my fingernails! I'm almost in a panic. This is not a small-time contractor--probably the biggest in Southern California--but I don't trust them. What next? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Postby Walter » Fri 07 Jul, 2006 14:10

That is what we do for acid washing for new plaster but the plaster coming off doesn't sound good at all. I would have them look at it.
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