Need a pool contractor to go to India

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Need a pool contractor to go to India

Postby blueyellow34 » Mon 19 Mar, 2012 18:07

I'm building a pool in New Delhi, and I would like to have the construction supervised by a pool contractor from the States. The hole for the pool has been excavated already and all the equipment was procured from Pentair in U.S. The full pool design including the structural and mechanical drawings of all the lines was done by a Flordia based pool designer.

Ideally I'm looking for a retired pool contractor who would like to visit India. I assume it will take about 4 to 6 weeks in total from making the forms to pour the concrete to curing and installation of equipment and commissioning. You would need to be familiar with pouring concrete pools, placing all the fittings, electrical, programming, etc.

During the downtimes, we would send you on a (paid) trip of any of the parts of India you would be interested in seeing.

In addition to your fee, we would provide you with:
Skilled labor (electricians, plumbers, steel workers, masons, etc.)
Round trip airfare
Vacation/tour during all the downtimes (curing of the concrete, etc.)

Pool: 60'x20'x4.5'
Spa: 8'x8'
Equipment: Pentair (filters, lights, chlorine generator, pumps, lights, controls, etc.) / Spears (valves and fittings)
Time: Beginning June or July of 2012

Please reply to this thread or send a private message, if you are interested or know someone who might be.

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