Stop / blocked succion tube system for pool cleaner

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Stop / blocked succion tube system for pool cleaner

Postby Göran » Tue 03 Apr, 2012 11:43

Tenemos una piscina de 8x4 con una "limpia" en una larga manguera conectada a la aspiración de la pared de la piscina. Desafortunadamente, la tubería de la pared de la piscina al motor bloqueado.
¿Cómo deshacerse de la basura que está sentado allí? Agradecido por consejos / consejos.

We have a 8x4 swimming pool with a "cleaner" on a long hose attached to the suction of the pool wall. Unfortunately, the pipe from the pool wall to the motor blocked.
How to get rid of garbage that is sitting there? Grateful for advice / tips.

Wir haben ein 8x4 Pool mit "sauberer" auf einem langen Schlauch an der Absaugung von der Beckenwand. Leider blockiert das Rohr aus der Wand des Pools an den Motor.
Wie wird man von Müll, die dort sitzen wird? Dankbar für Ratschläge / Tipps.

Nobis a 8x4 lacus cum a "lautus" in a diu caligarum attachiatus ad suctu piscinæ murum. Donec a lacus tibia muro motor impeditur.
Quam ad tollendum purgamentum quod est sedentem? Gratum consilium / tips.

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Stop / blocked succion tube system for pool cleaner

Postby BudgetPoolCare » Sat 21 Apr, 2012 06:43

Best way is to hire a submersiable pump and disconnect front of the pump from the plumbing and pump water the opp way back to the pool..

or call a plumber to Waterjet the line and clear it.

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