Low Presure and reduce water flow

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Low Presure and reduce water flow

Postby pjogopulos » Thu 05 Apr, 2012 15:06

We have a issue in that the PSI is about 10 and is usually at 20-25. There is nothing blocking the pump at we swapped the old pump out with our water feature pump. The pump is a 1 1/2 hp pump and I've checked the plumping from the intake to the return and there is nothing blocking anything. Our pool and spa use the same pump and both have the low pressure issue with separate intake and return lines for each.

We have flushed water throw the lines and nothing has come thru. There is also a lot of air in the lines and even after priming the lines air continues to be an issue as well.

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Low Presure and reduce water flow

Postby mas985 » Sun 08 Apr, 2012 18:04

First, you need to make sure your pressure gauge is working ok. If it goes to zero when the pump is off, it is usually ok.

If the gauge is ok, lower than normal filter pressure usually indicates a suction side problem. Either blocked line or a clogged impeller. But it sounds like you have checked both. Sometimes it takes a lot of pressure to back flush a suction line.
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