Pool-spa combo cleaning issue

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Pool-spa combo cleaning issue

Postby tul740 » Fri 06 Apr, 2012 14:58

I have an in-ground pool with a built-in spa and I'm having trouble vacuuming it. The pump and vacuum work just fine and I have good suction and everything, but it seems what I vacuum out of the pool just gets circulated into the spa, which will turn extremely dirty within minutes of vacuuming the pool.

Furthermore, I will have green water shooting out of all my jets within a couple of minutes, too, even after cleaning my (cartridge) filter.

The result is that the algae I'm sucking off the floor just gets re-circulated as quickly as I can suck it up.

Any help?

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Pool-spa combo cleaning issue

Postby BudgetPoolCare » Sat 21 Apr, 2012 06:28

First rule when vacuuming a pool or spa with debris in the bottom is Always Vacuum to WASTE... if you dont pump it out it will stay in.
vacuuming through a cartridge isn't the best way to vacuum. if you dont have a valve to rain water from the pool when just install a 3 way valve in-beteen the pump and the filter. so when you vacuum close the cartridge and let the water pump out of the valve.
Remember when you vacuum to waste be Quick and dont go over the same spot twice. make sure the pool is pretty full as you will loose 2-4 inches depending on how big the pool is.

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