Need help - cloudy water-pool Illiterate

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.

Need help - cloudy water-pool Illiterate

Postby crump2322 » Tue 17 Apr, 2012 13:24


I recently went to get my pool in shape for the summer, it was not covered all winter but the water was crystal clear. It was shocked months ago after rain, but I never felt like the granules of shock fully dissolved. if that matters.
About a week and a half ago I was vacuuming the pool, i decided to sweep, sweeping created a cloud that turned the water milky white. I went to Leslies and bought Pool first aid at their advice, this did nothing. I replaced the cartridge filter as the old one was ruined, all the straps broke. I ran and ran the filter, the pool has slightly cleared to about a foot and a half, but has remained cloudy going on two weeks now. I went to a different pool supply and they sold me pool clarifyer, i added 1 oz per 5000 gallons as the directions explained, Ran the pump for 12 hours straight, this did nothing. So I went and bought a testing kit from wal-mart since all i had was a ph and Cl tester. here are my readings:

16000 gallon Monarch in-ground pool w/ spa, at least 20 yrs old , possibly painted but never resurfaced, (Was a swamp before I bought the house, fixed by the bank, I found out from neighbors)
Hayward Cartridge Filter, 175 sq filter CX1750Re, 1.5 horse pump

Chemical drop Tests

Hardness- Water did not turn Red, it turned light yellow and the Titrant neutralized the color(At 6 drops) giving me no reading
Alkalinity - (Calcium Carbonate) 9 drops x 10, 90ppm
PH - 7.2 - 7.5
Cl - OFF the Chart too high unreadable ( been this way for months)
Cyanuric Acid - 80 - 100 ppm

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Need help - cloudy water-pool Illiterate

Postby crumpj2322 » Tue 17 Apr, 2012 17:27

I retested the chlorine level with 2 parts chlorine free water 1 part actual pool water, the drop kit reads its highest level, so i believe the level is at least 15ppm maybe higher..

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