Pool Liner Ruined

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Pool Liner Ruined

Postby dodgegirl » Wed 25 Apr, 2012 20:12

We purchased a brand new 27x52 aboveground pool with a beaded liner the end of March.Just last Friday it was 75 and sunny and was suppose to be the same on Saturday so we thought we would install the new pool.Well we worked really hard on Friday and never got the liner in til later and by then the sun was gone so we thought we would wait til the next day to stretch the liner and start filling because it was suppose to be nice.Well the weather decided to change drastically and it rained and changed to snow.We ended up with like 5 inches of snow.So now we cant stretch the liner and get the wrinkles out so we can fill it.It is now wednesday and the pool has been sitting for 5 days with no water with no signs of sunshine in the near future.I am freaking out because i don't want my new liner i paid almost 400 dollars for ruined!Can someone please tell me if it will hurt the liner to sit like this with no water until we get a nice enough day to finish? Please Help! Thanks!

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Liner Ruined

Postby JohnnyBceo » Fri 27 Apr, 2012 20:08

As long as it 65 and sunny you should be able to start filling the pool. when doing this, I would only do 1 foot a day to make sure it will stretch properly. also if you have a shop-vac that will help alot with getting wrinkles out. stick it in the return( small hole on the side ) and use ductape to seal the hole and seal the skimmer hole ( the square or rectagle next to the small hole. ) sorry I don't know how much you know about pools so I am trying to make it simple for you. It will not hurt to let the liner sit there for a few days or how ever long is needed. Good Luck and let me know how it goes.

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