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Swimline liner info.

Postby taras11 » Fri 04 May, 2012 12:51

states there 2000 pool liner is not as thick as there Perma 25.
There perma 30 is thicker than there perma 25. Do people think the perma is 25 mil and the perma 30 is 30 Swimline has 2000 liners, perma 25, and perma 30. They will tell you the lower one is the 2000 then the perma 25 is better then the perma 30 is even better. Some will tell you mil and gage is the same, It is not at all. Let me tell you true,vinyle liners is not a measurement in GAGE only MIL. Problem is some use mil and gage as same measurements, and if you do research you will find out it is not at all the same. Some will tell you it is and give you the gage which is really different that mil. That is deciving info and not accurate. Now I need to tell you that in the perma 25 and perma 30 is also different mil. on the wall of the pool liner and different mil on the floor of the pool liner also. Many people think the perma 25 is 25 mil and it isn't and the perma 30 is 30 mil and it is not. I find this deceiving on the part of the manufacturer.
This is what I was actually told by Swimline when I told them I know mil is not the same as gage. And asked them more questions.
I do not know for sure I received the correct info from the person I spoke to but hear it is.
for swimline 2000 what is MIL for wall___,& floor___,
for swimline Perma 25 what is MIL for wall 25 mil, & floor 13 mil,
for swimline Perma 30 what is MIL for wall 17 mil, & floor 17 mil.
I find this strange, on top of this realize Swimline 2000, and perma 25, perma 30 is there way I believe to not really give you the real info as to the thickness of there pool liners.
There is a Co in PA that there lowest liner is 17 mil and that is on the wall and on the floor of the pool. then they have a 20 mil that is 20 wall and floor, then 28 mil for floor and wall. No games. They even custom make it for you even though you might not need it made if you have standard pool. They even make Ester Williams Beaded liners. I need a new liner and think a co needs to be more up front with what they are selling you.
I have said enough. Consumers get smart. I do not know where to post this but just had to do this somewhere. I did so much research to get this far. Need to share it.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Swimline liner info.

Postby Poolspotpro » Mon 18 Feb, 2013 14:58

Hi. I'm not sure what all this stuff means in your post. I do know that Swimline and other liner makers will have thicker side vinyl than the bottom piece. As far as the "mil" description goes though, I'm not sure. Originally, a mil was a unit of measurement which was considered 1 millionth of an inch. Later, certain industries like the jewelry manufacturers adopted the term but not the measurement. At that point, a mil was and still is just a loose term used for measuring micro-thickness but has no true standard value.

The only true way that I determine the thickness of a liner is by the overall weight of the liner as Swimline will not reveal just how thick their 20 standard and 25 heavy gauge liners really are.
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