Solar heater on a pole

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Solar heater on a pole

Postby nivek23 » Sun 06 May, 2012 16:53

Looking for someone to tell me im crazy. Im trying to build a solar heater have looked at all the ones to buy , and checked out alot that are home made. roofs are to far away from pool pump I do have a fence around the 30' of the pool. would like it as neat as it can be. I have a 16' aluminum pole its about 10" at base and 6" on the top. was thinking of running 3 or 4 separte coils around the pole 100' (maybe they need to be longer) coils each, up the pole. im not sure about size 1/2 or 3/4 seams smaller sizes will heat water more, but larger is easier on the motor.i believe my pool line is 1 1/4 . if i made a manifold with 4 taps before shut off and 4 more taps after a shutoff tap the coils in each tap and turn valve almost offit would force water up the pole , I wasthinking of boxing the bottom in and having the coils up 3 feet and maybe boxing it all in with glass in nesssarry, I live in maine, its in the pretty much in the sun all day ,fence would shade a little on the bottom in the evening. it is pretty windy here hence the glass . mount the pole to a 4 ' concreat base like a light pole, it is a light pole. leave room for a flag on the top . what ya think would it work.

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