Frogs in and around pool

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Frogs in and around pool

Postby Ihatefrogs » Fri 10 May, 2013 22:15

My window is about 10 feet from the edge of our pool. Needless to say, I cannot sleep with the racket the frogs make. Last night I finally was fed up. I grabbed a high powered flashlight, and went out with a pool net. As soon as I got within 15 feet or so, they all stopped croaking. But most of them just sat there on the edge, not moving. A few swam in to the deeper part of the rainwater that has collected over top the cover. I caught 10 ! I thought about throwing them over the deck but knew they would just come back. My intent at this point was simply to kill them. Use common sense here, if you don't kill them, they're going to mate and make more frogs. That's the reason they're croaking, after all. C'mon people, they're frogs! Not cute, cuddly, fuzzy kittens or puppies. I stepped on all 10 and there was no way they were still alive. To my surprise, after I walked around the pool a few times to check for more frogs, the frogs I'd smashed were waking up and hopping around! LOL! Walking around like zombies! I couldn't believe it. Luckily I was able to catch em in my net before they hopped over the deck or back into the pool cover. So tonight (caught 3 more) I just put them in a plastic bag and sealed it. Unless they grow claws or teeth, they're not getting away this time. 13 frogs in 2 days. Not bad! And now... as I write this... I hear... another....freaking....... frog..... :evil:


Frogs in and around pool

Postby rammbo20 » Mon 20 May, 2013 20:40

So I just put out moth crystals and the frogs just laughed at them it would seem. Was there anything special you did??

CJsDoll wrote:SUCCESS!!! The mothballs did the trick! I put them out just before it rained and by golly it worked! Not a sound at all tonight.... nice and quiet, peaceful sounds of the country! ahhh..... :-)
So my suggestion would be mothballs! Now how simple is that? Inexpensive... but not as fun as flippin' frogs! LOL
Good luck to anyone else out there needing this answer! :-)

Frogs in and around pool

Postby Guest » Mon 20 May, 2013 21:50

I'm having the same problem. They are driving me crazy! I cant have a relaxing evening outside because they are soooo loud! Looks like i will be trying moth balls! Thanks :)

Frogs in and around pool

Postby Christy » Tue 28 May, 2013 20:54

Having the same problem. Another site suggested pouring rock salt around the pool????

Frogs in and around pool

Postby analaya » Sun 02 Jun, 2013 21:28

We have the same problem. Its only Ben bout 2 days and they are driving us nutts and I thought ur blog was very interesting and funny but I had to comment on this I didnt want u to think u had the only problem. I'm trying the moth balls Tom LOL thanx for the help!!!

Frogs in and around pool

Postby pd » Mon 03 Jun, 2013 20:35

Our neighborhood has these tiny-but-huge-noisemakers too. I have been opening my pool this week and tonight I hear them everywhere around the pool but can't see them. They are SO LOUD!!!!

Can someone tell me what to DO with the mothballs/crystals? Do you place them in the dirt around base of the pool? I have a round, above-ground pool with a deck around most of it. Open at one end.

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.

Frogs in and around pool

Postby n8ster » Wed 05 Jun, 2013 09:01

I went to the dollar store and bought a few fake plastic snakes. Put them out around the pool and guess what. NO FROGS

Frogs in and around pool

Postby dlhiram » Wed 05 Jun, 2013 09:22

I have had a problem with frogs for 3 years and it is driving me crazy. I have had my pool for 14 years and we live on a lake. We never had this problem until 3 years ago. They get in every night and lay eggs and it is gross.I have tried moth balls and it did not work. All that did was make us not want to go to the pool because the smell was disgusting. We use baquacil which is different from chlorine but we have used it since we put our pool in I have contacted pool stores, the county extension office, and no one seems to be able to help. I have also put algacide all around the outside of the pool because one pool place told me it would deter them but that did not help either. I have 2 small dogs so not sure what else to try that will not bother my dogs.I am so aggravated and I do not want to quit using baquacil because it has saved our liner. The pool is covered every winter and when we open it there is never any frogs around until about 4 or 5 days and then its like the word gets out and it then becomes a resort for frogs. About ready to sell my home because its driving me crazy I have to get frogs and eggs out every morning. Any more suggestions?

Frogs in and around pool

Postby dlhiram » Wed 05 Jun, 2013 09:25

How long did the fake snake thing work?

Frogs in and around pool

Postby n8ster » Wed 05 Jun, 2013 10:04

So far its worked for 4 nights. My wife moves the snakes around during the day. I'm also thinking about somehow diluting some mothballs and soaking the fake snakes in it. Another post mentioned mothballs worked so hmmmm.

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