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New Home=Neglected Pool

Postby Tpokoy » Sun 20 May, 2012 21:05


We have just purchased our first new home, and with that came our first new pool. This site has been very helpful in learing the ins and outs for a novice pool owner and I thought I would post my specific attributes for some help. When we purchased the home, there was no cover on the pool, and it had not been open for 2 years. We winterized and covered for winter, and at that time would describe the color of the water at that time as a merky death black lagoon.

As summer is approaching, Im waging a full war to get this pool open and running. So far I have been manually raking to get all the organics (Leave, twigs) and inorganics (Bras, Underwear, Beer Bottles) out from the bottom. I half heartedly added 2 gallons of shock that I had on hand, and the water turned milky green and started to clear up until i stirred up the material on the bottom again. Right now the bottom is cleared and the water is green. I have not started filtering or vacumming until I clean out the DE filter. Here are my readings from Taylor test kit.

PH- 7.2
FC- 0
TC- 0
TA- 130
CH- 250
CYA- The reading on the test tube stopped at 30, so I belive it is somewhere around 15-25.
Filter- Hayward Extended Cycle Preflex DE Filter.
Pool- Above Groung Oval, Vinyl Liner, 10,000 Gallons

From what I have read so far, I dont think im too far off from having a clear working pool. Any help on chemicals would be greatly appreciated.



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