White sedimentation in pool

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My Pool: I have a 20' x 38' 640 sq.ft. from 3' to 7' salt water pool with 3M plaster that came with the house that I bought. I'm not quite sure of the volume, but reckon 25.000 to 30.000 G it is. Never had a pool before so obviously struggling a bit here, at least in the beginning. Had a pro set it up and get going, but not too confident to what extent he wanted to help me.
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White sedimentation in pool

Postby benkku313 » Mon 21 May, 2012 00:41

Bought a house with pool, never had one before, I think I have time to take care it myself, but did hire a pro to set it up and get going. He cleaned the D.E. filter and dumped in 9 bags of salt (he estimated pool to be 35.000 Gal, it is 20' x 38', 640 surface sq.ft., 3' to 7' deep ; my estimation 25.000 or so...?) did his magic and everything looked nice. Oh, one more thing: I used my own well water that I think has a lot of calsium in it.
After a week pressure shot up and I opened the filter to find the grids covered with hard coating that must have been calcium (at least 3 dust pan heeps of it). It was very hard to clean off the grids, basically only came off by peeling with fingers. I put everything back together, flow was ok, again. My chlorinator was clogged too, so I cleaned that, as well.
At this time I did notice that PH was high so I added acid according the table, and it came down. However TA remained high, off the scale. I must say I have trouble testing it, it is so high. Probably in the 300s!? Free CH is ok. Now the filter is not clogging quite that bad, and the scale is maybe a little bit less hard, but still slows the flow way too quick. I can basically run the filter for a couple of days before flow slows and pressure gets high. Backwash it and it ok for a couple of days again.
Pool, water looks good, feels good to be in. Tests come out ok, apart from out-of-scale TA, of course.
Any ideas, comments, tips of course very welcome!
The biggest problem is a lot of white sedimentation on the walls and bottom of the pool. That has to be calsium, right? I can't seemingly get rid of it. It of course brushes off easily but, as said, I can't get it out fast enough.
I guess my real question is that is it just so that my well water is too calcium rich to be suitable for use in a pool? Should I just change it and start fresh with a tanker? Btw, how do you make sure that stuff is ok, then.

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