But will it heat my pool?

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But will it heat my pool?

Postby beef » Wed 23 May, 2012 12:33

Hi everyone, great forum... I've been looking around but can't find the information I'm looking for.

I'm in the early planning stages of my new pool/deck/backyard paradise and came up with an idea that I need some help with.... I haven't heard of anyone trying this, so, to me that means I'm either a kook or a genius!! Depending on the day it could be either or both! If I've left out any important data let me know so I can fill in any blanks that fall out of this....

My plan is to pour a concrete slab, insulated below, vapour barrier, etc, etc, with an in floor heat loop heated by the homes 100,000 btu natural gas boiler, on which I will be installing the above ground pool. Right now the pool I have my eye on is a 27' round x 52" deep. I may go a little smaller depending on the final layout of the yard, and the heat calculations of the pool, but I really don't want to go less than 21' round.

I live in Manitoba Canada, Our summer days are anywhere from 70-95 degrees F. the water temp in my current (unheated) pool usually hovers between low to high 70s F and it's just a little bit too cool for me, the days when it finally gets up to low - mid 80s F are the best!! I used an online pool heater calculator that said I needed a 150,000 natural gas pool heater to get 10 degrees F temp increase on a pool that size, but I'm presuming that's a conventional heater exchanger, not sure if the heating calculations are the same when you're talking about heated floors. I'm guessing that a heated slab should be MORE efficient then an air to water heat exchanger.

I may also plumb in a solar loop on the roof of the garage to add some free BTUs, but I've tried stand alone solar panels in the past and don't want to rely solely on them

I'll be installing wall insulation and buying the best cover I can find to keep the heat in when not in use. I think I can justify the cost of running the boiler in the summer by what it would cost to install and run central air as well as the intangible value of extra "fun in the pool" days that a heated pool would provide.

Well, I think that's it... Will this idea work? What other math do I need to do? If I've left anything out please let me know?


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