Whisperflo vs Intelliflo

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Whisperflo vs Intelliflo

Postby Guest » Fri 25 May, 2012 20:34

You would remove your old dial timer. The Intermatic P1353ME would need to be installed between the circuit breakers and the actual pump.
Your wiring diagram would roughly go like this:
House main breaker box----> pool sub-panel breakers--->Intermatic P1353ME---> pool pump motor
:!: Don't forget to connect your copper bonding wire also known as a dead ground. It's a thick bare copper wire that comes out of the ground, which then attaches to the side of the motor. This is a safety ground wire.

Located on the Whisperflo motor is a toggle switch. Inside the installation documentation there is detailed wiring diagrams that will show how to disable the toggle switch. The Intermatic P1353ME will do all of the motor controlling between high speed and low speed.

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