EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

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TSH Tech

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby TSH Tech » Sat 26 May, 2012 18:28

I make this entry for posterity

Pump:Hayward EcoStar SVRS

Problem: Pump throws an error code "Drive Error! - Autoprime Failure", halts the pump and does not continue into timer modes.

Cause: Homeowners solar system is mounted on the roof, a 2.5 story rise from the pump/filter. Homeowner's solar system is a manual type, always on configuration. The rise to the solars is enough back-pressure for the pump's software to think it's not priming, therefore it throws an error code. When the solars are switched off, the pump runs normal and does not throw a code.
I blame Hayward's engineers for not taking into account real world dynamics.

Solution: Have the Hayward instruction manual available(IS3400VSP Rev-C)
Page 18, Part 5.6, Step 9

-Press [MENU] to get to the "Configuration Menu Locked" display
-press and hold down both [<] [>] buttons for a few seconds until "Configuration Menu press > to enter" is displayed.
- scroll through the items until "Set max-speed Prime, Period: Auto Sense" is displayed and press [+] to change from Auto Sense to 3 minute mode.
- exit out of the menu, save any changes if prompted
- Problem will be solved, enabling timers to function as normal.

Notes: I have never run into this type of issue before with a variable speed pool pump. Usually I install Waterway Econoflo VSA pumps for many reasons that benefit my clients and make it easy for the pool techs to service the filter equipment. But the one day the warehouse is out of stock, I went ahead and took this Hayward EcoStar SVRS which is comparable, only to find out it would cease to function based upon the above problem; and then turn my clients pool cloudy on this Memorial Day weekend. I go in for ear reattachment surgery this Tuesday.
Hayward, you need to get your act together. It's not clear the purpose of the Auto Sense mode, but nowhere in your documentation do you list or acknowledge that the problem described above is an issue with your pumps. Nor do you make it aware if certain types of scenarios exist, the error code will be thrown. In my personal opinion, you could delete the Auto Sense from your Auto Prime software, or just allow the end user to adjust the RPM's within 2700-3450 rpms while it performs a do-or-die 3 minute Auto Prime session before switching to timer mode.


EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby Lugersith » Wed 22 Aug, 2012 15:26

THANK YOU! I have had trouble with this thing for over a year. Fixed now !! thanks again!
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EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby CGPoolman » Thu 23 Aug, 2012 11:44

This is great information, thank you for sharing! I haven't had the opportunity to service or install any EcoStar pumps yet, but this is getting printed out and added to my notebook.

TSH Tech

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby TSH Tech » Thu 23 Aug, 2012 17:31

This is good feedback, glad it has helped!

I've installed a few more since this posting, mostly to match the AquaLogic timer communication features and have not had to adjust they Auto Sense Prime. Those pools did not have solars installed either. Seems if there is unusual amount of back pressures, it's enough to mess with the pump software.
George of AZ

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby George of AZ » Wed 07 Nov, 2012 16:37

Thanks - I have been struggling with this since they installed my Variables Speed - numerous numerous failures - now running like a baby - I'm going to run ithy 24/7 with low speed at night - high speed in daylight to let Solar Driven Heat Pump keep it toasty - Thanks for the post.

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby Dr.rickl » Mon 14 Jan, 2013 23:51

Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge. I am an inexperienced do it yourselfer who installed my first pool pump. I chose the ecostar and it has been failing to prime. Was really getting worried since its getting below freezing and afraid pipes would burst without pump and heater kicking in! Thanks, it worked like a charm! You da man!

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby Wino » Fri 19 Apr, 2013 19:57

Thanks for this post. Although I don't have a solar heater, your post sent me in the right direction. Dirty filter!
My ecostar is only about six months old and has worked well since I installed it, but after a big wind storm that caused waves in the pool it would fail when trying to prime. I checked for an air leak and tried several other things when I saw your post and started thinking about back pressure. Although the pressure gauge was at less then 20 pounds, cleaning the filter solved the problem. Might bee time for a new gauge.

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby liquidexistence » Tue 23 Apr, 2013 09:54

Thank you very much for posting this. I have been noticing the drive failure issue more and more lately and just this morning isolated it to the solar. However, without your post I would not have known that the "AutoSense" feature could be overridden, nor how to do it. Thanks for providing such a comprehensive post!
TSH Tech

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby TSH Tech » Wed 24 Apr, 2013 00:55

:thumbup: Glad this is helping! Great feedback

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby ssinor » Mon 13 May, 2013 10:41

Thanks, I was going to rip the thing out and send it back. I will make this fix today

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby AmhowardAlan » Sun 26 May, 2013 11:26

Thank you. I had called my pool man who thought there was air in system and the solar guy who said it is not the panels. It now is working!!!!! Perhaps you can write a user guide that we can understand! I have a large pool with solar panels, what should I set the speed for on the pump?
TSH Tech

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby TSH Tech » Sun 26 May, 2013 20:32

Hey AmhowardAlan, well, when I write these help entries, I try as best as possible to make it so that a pool owner with no experience can follow the step-by-step instructions to get to the right to the core of the problem and solve it. Many times, these pool on-board computers with their menu systems are not intuitive. I have background as a Silicon Valley computer technician solving highly technical problems that normal people can understand, so that's as easy as I can get. :wink:

For your solars and having a large pool, set your solar speed anywhere from 3000 rpm to 3450 rpm and that will get your pool heated.

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby Kracko96 » Sat 06 Jul, 2013 19:29

Thanks for the tip.

I spent 2 hours trying to figure out what the problem was and was ready to take the unit back. I reprogramed the unit and I was up and running in minutes (3 to be exact). I guess I should have checked here sooner. I also have solar panels on the roof of my house as well.

Thanks Again :)

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby CalmPlains » Mon 22 Jul, 2013 23:08


I was COMPLETELY frustrated, and pissed at myself for buying the "more expensive yadda yadda all the fixings" pump to replace my base model which broke down after many years of service.

You saved my sanity OP. Thank you, and thank you again.


P.S. What a stupid company to have this set as default.
Ben Bmw

EcoStar SVRS "Drive Error!" Autoprime Failure

Postby Ben Bmw » Tue 23 Jul, 2013 10:50

This worked perfect. I was resetting the pump twice a day ready to give up. thanks for your post!!!

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