Leak between top of sand filter & multi-port valve (Hayward)

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I'm new here
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Leak between top of sand filter & multi-port valve (Hayward)

Postby jer989 » Sun 27 May, 2012 22:55

I have an older (probably 15+ years) Hayward sand filter with a top mounted multi-port valve. I noticed as I was topping off the water in the pool as I was opening the pool that there was a bit of a drip-drip-drip leak coming from where the valve and the top of the sand filter tank meet.

I then took off the clamp and belly band and inspected the o-ring the goes around the bottom of the portion of the valve that fits into the neck of the filter tank. It was a little loose (not super snug against the body of the valve) - but it seemed ok, and it was not cracked or damaged looking, maybe a little flat, but not too bad. I re-installed the valve on the top of the tank and tightened the band and it still leaked, even worse actually!

I tried a couple more times with the same results. Then off to the pool store, picked up some pool lube, and the guy sized up my old o-ring and I bought a new one. I also (while it was all apart) replaced the sand in the filter. Anyways - I VERY THOROUGHLY cleaned up the lip of the tank and the bottom of the valve that goes into the tank VERY carefully, lubed the new o-ring, got the valve back on the tank, wiggled it down, pressed down on the valve to get it as tight to the tank as I could. Then got the band tightened around the union of the valve and the tank. Turned the valve to RINSE, turned it on again, and again, water spurting out from multiple places where the valve meets the tank, as bad as ever!

Am I doing something wrong maybe? Does that belly band go on a certain way (one side is up, the other down?) - I did verify the band was catching the valve and the tank all the way around. I have inspected the top of the tank and the bottom of the valve and see no cracks or damage there. Is it possible I have the wrong o-ring maybe? The new o-ring sits snug around the bottom of the valve, it SEEMS to be the right one.

Any advice or insight would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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