Pool overflow

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Pool overflow

Postby bigtcusk » Thu 31 May, 2012 08:47

is there such a thing as an automatic overflow? We've had a lot of rain and pool is top high. Do I have to pen the drain or is it automatic?

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Pool Newbie
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Pool overflow

Postby BillD » Thu 31 May, 2012 14:01

I believe you will have to remove the water by pumping to waste. Good time to backwash the filter.
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Pool Enthusiast
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Pool overflow

Postby andrrewdamien » Tue 12 Jun, 2012 08:28

The view of a pool is very essential to be able to get the comfort when you use it. It also has to be secure for all the family members. If you want to have an overflow pool, you will need inclusion areas to develop it.
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