Pool probs

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Pool probs

Postby markymark » Mon 04 Jun, 2012 19:46

Hi there :wave: .
New to this site.

I am in dispute with my pool supplier - it's gone to Disputes Tribunal.
'They' fitted my pool and did not sit level. They accepted this error and in trying to remedy the situation cracked some of the swimout and ledge of the pool. They insist it's only cosmetic but I would like somebody independent to assess this and also to do the repairs required.

If the damage is cosmetic then I would imagine that the pool needs a complete re seal of the surface gel. The installers assessment was the work carried out "crazed the top layer of gel".
The Tribunal and the installers have instructed me to see what can be done to remedy this and have no idea where to start!
All assessments and consequent work carried out will be paid directly by me.
Please, any help!?

Many thanks :thumbup:



Pool probs

Postby swr » Thu 21 Jun, 2012 18:59

Sounds like a real issue you have there. I have been around f/g pools for over 30 yrs. & it is not common to have problems with gel coat on newer pools. Even older ones don't have many surface issues.

Pool probs

Postby swr » Thu 21 Jun, 2012 19:05

Where are you located? :thumbup: I will try to find an experienced f/g pool guy to help you. If you wish to send pics so I can make a visual acessment, my email is [email protected]
Happy to help as much as I can.

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