Can I open this pool or do I need to drain it?

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Can I open this pool or do I need to drain it?

Postby Tboz » Fri 08 Jun, 2012 18:10

We have an 24' round above ground pool. We closed it correctly last year, but lost the cover during the first winter ice storm. Now i have a nasty yellow green water with lots of floaties including a squirel i think. Is it safe to clean this water up or do we need to drain it? We have no idea how to drain it? I need a very inexpensive solution since we are on a very tight budget this year. Thanks for any ideas you might have.

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Can I open this pool or do I need to drain it?

Postby pirateslovebacon » Fri 08 Jun, 2012 21:04

I'm no expert, but I always see "Don't drain the pool!" as a response to these types of messages.

Think about it, where does your drinking/bath water come from? Is there some pure oasis in nature that supplies potable water? Nope. It's all treated. It comes from the land where animals die, and defecate, and all kinds of algae and bacteria get mixed in.

I bought a foreclosure with a green swamp. It cleaned up perfectly. I only grew one extra toe :mrgreen:

Just learn your chemistry (it's not complicated). Google "Pool school". Use the "pool calculator" to simplify your life.

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